The Good Place 

Two people die and believe that a case of mistaken identity has resulted in them being admitted to the Good Place ( Heaven)in error. They attempt to ensure they are not found out and sent to the Bad Place. In this they are assisted by two people whose good past life appears to confirm that only good people get into the good place. The twist is that this is not the good place it’s just an experiment by the demons  in the Bad Place to find new and more imaginative ways to torture humans. It’s a comedy with a dash of philosophy around what it is to be good. It reminded me of places I have worked.

You think it’s a good place ( to work). You wonder if your past justifies being rewarded in this way. You feel a bit of a fraud and worry you will be found out. You come across colleagues who appear to have the experience you lack. They are supportive and genuine but others are not. In fact this isn’t a Good Place. There are people who seem just to want to make your life difficult. There appears to be an agenda at work which you don’t know about. If this is a Good Place why do bad things happen? Take services away from vulnerable people, intimidate and bully people into working longer hours and sacrifice professional values in the name of efficiency and austerity. It’s a tragedy with a dash of business jargon.

Blair Mcpherson former Director, author and blogger 


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