Just like 2001 A Space Odyssey

The car engine warning light came on but the mechanics could find nothing wrong. It reminded me of that scene in the film 2001 where the ships computer, HAL, alerts the ships crew that a piece of external equipment is about to fail. The crew investigate but can find nothing wrong. The two crew members discuss the implications in an escape pod where Hale can’t over hear them. The computer is never wrong so if HAL is mistaken about this piece of equipment then HAL must be faulty. HAL controls the life support and every aspect of the ship.  Can they trust their lives to HAL, better switch HAL off and use the back up system. Unfortunately for them HAL can lip read and has self preservation built into his programming. To HALs logical computer brain the only way to successfully complete his mission is to turn off the human crew members before they unplug him!

Should I sell the car ? 


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