Get involved in the Social Services Research Group

Part of LARIA

Are you interested in promoting the use of research and intelligence in children’s and adults’ social care?

If the answer to this is yes, you may be interested in a new social care special interest group, which exists to do just that. The group is part of the Local Area Research and Intelligence Association (LARIA), and continues the work of the Social Services Research Group and is called SSRG-in-LARIA

We are really keen to involve new people in the work of the interest group, even if it’s only to help to set our agendas from time to time, but we’d also be delighted to welcome anyone who might want to join the group. The group meets four times a year (some of these meetings will be teleconferences) with the aim of planning events and activities to support the use of research and intelligence in social care. We also run an Academic journal: Research Policy and Planning.

Please contact Martin Stevens ( ) if you would like to join or to know more about the SSRG-in-LARIA group.

If you have written up any projects recently, that you think could make a good article for the Research Policy and Planning journal, please contact John Woolham (, who edits the journal.



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