Even the special one can get the sack

It’s not such a disaster and certainly not a disgraced to get the sack. Provided it wasn’t for accessing porn on your work lap top or making a racists joke at the office Christmas do. 
It’s a myth that being forced out of one authority you won’t be welcome in another. In my view if you have never been asked to leave you probably haven’t been trying hard enough. The reasons they wanted you in the first place may be the reasons they don’t want you now. I am thinking of the criticism that you are opinionated, abrasive and intolerant of those less able and less committed. These characteristics were not seen as a problem when examining your track record and your employers claim to be ambitious. Maybe you weren’t such a good fit for their set up but as you have shown before given the right structure and support you can make even the most unlikely underdogs champions. 


Best wishes Blair 


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