It's that time of year again...

It’s that time of year again!  Time to sit back and reflect on all you’ve achieved….and then fill out this form to tell us all about it.  The Scottish Empty Homes Champion of the Year Awards will once again be given out at our annual conference.  This year we are happy to announce that Howdens Joinery Co. are sponsoring the awards. 

There are as ever several categories for you to choose from to shout about your successes:

  • Outstanding Project or Service

  • Outstanding Individual

  • Best Use of the Media

  • Best Before and After Photo

Award winners tend to get very good media coverage so even if you are humble about telling people about your own successes I would urge you to think about the benefits for your Empty Homes Service or the organisation you work for if you were to get some good PR about your empty homes work.  This amounts to free advertising and can draw owners, partners and investors out of the woodwork. 

What else can an award do for you?  It can provide further evidence of how good you are at your job if you are having internal discussions about project or contract extensions.  Any organisation likes to be recognised as being at the top of its game and surely it’s much harder to stop doing empty homes work if you’ve been recognised as one of the best?  That’s the theory anyway.

Apologies if this all sounds a bit self-serving but the long and short of it is there is now so much going on in empty homes work across Scotland that we can’t possibly recognise and get publicity for all of it, so if you want to get the credit you need to put your head above the parapet and throw your hat in the ring…to use a few too many analogies in one sentence. 

And of course if you are so inclined you could nominate someone from another organisation too….

Deadline for nominations is the 12th of October and winners will be announced at the Scottish Empty Homes Conference on the 17th November. 

And just to be crystal clear – the staff at the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership will not be submitting any nominations, so don’t assume that because we know about what you are doing that means you will get nominated.  We want this to be an equal playing field so we are keeping our hands clean.  The ball’s in your court….

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