Child Dental Health Survey infographic

The Child Dental Health Survey 2013, England, Wales and Northern Ireland report was published on 19 March 2015 as is available on the HSCIC website: The CDHS in 2013 involved around 10,000 children aged 5, 8, 12 and 15 years-old across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. All children had a dental examination, and their parents were asked to fill out a parent questionnaire. The 12 and 15 year-olds were also asked to complete a pupil questionnaire.

An infographic is also available on the Office for National Statistics website:


Related information available through the Local Government Association's LG Inform and LG Inform Plus benchmarking tools

Local authority level data on the percentage of 3 year old children with experience of tooth decay is available in LG Inform - this is sourced from Public Health England's 'Oral health survey of three-year-old children' 2012/13. Information on the number of dental practices in a local area overall and per 10,000 population is also available in LG Inform. A ward level report detailing the location of healthcare services, including dental surgeries, is available in LG Inform Plus.

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