So why didn’t the aliens stop and say hello

Spotted last October whizzing past the sun, too fast to have originated in our solar system. It disappeared from view in January. It was long and thin, unlike any asteroid or comet seen before. It’s surface was carbon based not ice or rock and passing the sun it suddenly sped up. A space ship? If it was aliens why didn’t they call in and say hello? After all as far as we know we are the only intelligent life in this part of the universe. 

Assuming they recognised us as an intelligent life form it was a bit rude not to make contact. So are aliens anti social, can’t really be bothered getting to know the neighbours? Maybe they were in a hurry to get somewhere.” We would have liked to call in but we were running late, to be honest we got a little lost, We didn’t realise anyone live this far out but now we know where you are we will certainly call in should we be in the area. We will call ahead just to make sure you’re in/ still exist.” 

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