It starts when you're always afraid

My dog has bad dreams I hear him crying in the night. He is not alone. Sometimes when he is asleep,lying on his side, I see his legs moving I hope he is chasing a squirrel  not running for his life. I wonder after such energetic dreams does he wake up tired, I know that feeling. I had this recurring dream. I would be awake but too afraid to open my eyes. Alone in bed but not alone. To afraid to turn and face it. Lying on my back I felt pinned down as if there was a big weight sitting on my chest. Panic gripped hold of me I could feel the sweat on my legs. Unable to sit up I knew the only way I could get out of that bed was to force my body to roll over the edge. One, two, three I am awake. The sweat is cold on my body. "Every thing alright" my wife enquirers , " Yes" I lie "just a bad dream". Now I don't work and I don't have the dream.
Blair  Mcpherson 

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