What type of blog posts should I be writing?

So you have taken that brave step into writing blog posts.  But did you know that they are a huge range of different styles of blog post that you can use?  

No.  That’s good then.

We have put together our top 5 different styles of blogging, when to use them, what effort needs to go into them and what you should expect regarding response to these blog posts.


Reporting back from events - Instead of just letting your team or close colleagues know.

You can now tell a wide range of people who were unable to attend and look for further discussion from people who did.

  • Difficulty to write - Medium
  • Interest from Audience - Medium


List Blogging - This is the highly popular style of blogging.  You see them all the time with ”Top 10” or “Top 5” lists.  Blog posts in this type of format are frequently bookmarked or shared

  • Difficulty to write - Medium
  • Interest from Audience - High


Interview blogging - Conducting an interview and publishing either audio, video or a transcript of the interview into a blog post.

  • Difficulty to write - High
  • Interest from Audience - High


Re-post blogging - Taking a post or article from another location and reposting a significant part of it as a blog post with original commentary of how your group will be looking into it or what you have done on the subject.

  • Difficulty to write - Medium
  • Interest from Audience - Medium


How to blogging - Write simple how to guide that incorporates images or video to show someone how to do something.

  • Difficulty to write - Medium
  • Interest from Audience - High


Give them a try and you will get an idea of what your audience responds to and adjust accordingly.


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