Free Online Course - Open Data from GovLab in US - Deadline June 5

I thought I'd pass along this message from GovLab:


Last call for applications!!!

Thanks to the generous support of the Knight Foundation, this term the GovLab Academy – a training program designed to promote civic engagement and innovation – has launched a series of free coaching programs. Here are a few of our upcoming programs aimed at helping innovators take a project from idea to implementation: 

  • Open Data Projects: Designed for those (including SMEs) already undertaking open data related projects. We provide coaching and mentoring designed to help you implement your project or take it to scale. Last day to apply: June 5, 2015.
  • Sensing Our Environment towards Improving Our Lives: This course is geared towards both government officials and policymakers exploring how bottom-up sensor projects can achieve a core mission and technical experts exploring how to get their project implemented. Last day to apply: June 17, 2015
  • Data Collaboratives: Designed for private sector companies interested in sharing data for public good, together we explore your datasets' potential to promote social good; understand different governance models for sharing; and evaluate risks and strategies to mitigate them to achieve the highest social impact responsibly.

Participants receive constructive feedback, customized and original learning materials, peer-to-peer support, mentoring by topic experts and individualized coaching from those with policy, technology, and domain expertise. All courses meet online, once a week. Deadlines have been extended. Apply now! 
For a full list, see

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