Accident and Emergency Attendances in England - 2013-14 - Provider level analysis

Provider level analysis for HES Accident and Emergency Attendances 2012-13 and 2013-14

Published January 2015 - scroll down to the data downloads below the summary.

This report provides detailed analysis of A&E attendances at provider level, enabling comparisons between a provider and figures for England, Area Team or between other providers. The information presented within this report has been extracted from accident and emergency data in HES (Hospital Episode Statistics). Where a provider is not listed this is because data has not been submitted.
Data presented within this report include all data submitted by NHS trusts in England. For some providers, not all data fields have been completed. Therefore, there may be gaps within the report when these providers are selected.  Data quality and coverage has improved for the majority of providers who have submitted data when compared to 2012-13 and the official source A&E weekly sit-reps.
This interactive worksheet is designed as a useful tool that can be used by providers to compare and contrast data which has been supplied to HES by providers of A&E services.
Where the information presented within this report relates to time of arrival or time spent in the A&E department, these figures have been provided excluding planned follow up appointments, all other analysis includes all appointments.  e.g. There were 18,517,381 A&E attendances in England (2013-14); however, excluding planned follow up appointments there were 18,197,530 A&E attendances.  The exclusion of planned follow up appointments ensures the data is comparable with the A&E weekly sit-reps.
The tables presented within this report are provided at England, Area Team and provider level. For data breakdowns beyond the scope of these tables, such as different age breakdowns, you may need to order a tabulation or extract. 

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