People who know me like me

Obviously it’s part of the job to make decisions that will please some people and leave others disappointed. I am expected to challenge as well as support. I will defend in public and criticise in private. I’m not saying everyone likes me I know some people think I am opinionated, which I don’t  see as a fault, others think I can be abrasive which is something I need to work on and I have been accused of being intolerant of those less committed, which I do not apologise for. Those I  work closely with see the real me. We share the successes and I accept responsibility for the failures, in public. In private I expect honest. I think I have earn  respect and I feel I should be forgiven the odd out burst when it comes from the right place. I really don’t know why you’re surprised when I say people who know me like me. 


Do you recognise this manager? 


Blair Mcpherson 

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