Welcome to the New Team!

This week has been a big one as far as the history of the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership goes.  We’ve officially expanded the core team to double its size!  It has felt like a lot of build up to their arrival but they are finally here and getting to grips with their new roles.

Gavin Leask who most of you will know from his previous role as Empty Homes Officer for Fife and West Lothian Councils as part of the Homes Again Project, joins us as Empty Homes Local Projects Manager.  Gavin will be taking over some of the responsibility for the shared services projects as well as looking to start a new and exciting programme of local multi-unit projects.  Check out his own blog on the site introducing himself and his new role.

Frances Snee has also joined us this week as our new Empty Homes Adviser.  Frances will be responsible for the new Empty Homes Advice Service to be launched in June this year.  She’ll be providing advice and referrals to empty home owners, members of the public concerned about empty homes, developers and businesses who want to get involved in empty homes work as well as being a key contact point for empty homes practitioners seeking information or support from the Partnership.  Frances comes to us from Glasgow City Council where she previously worked as a Homelessness Case Worker and more recently as a Landlord Registration Officer.

Both of these new roles represent a fundamental expansion in the level and depth of support the Partnership can offer to those looking to bring private sector empty homes back into use in Scotland.  I know you will all offer them a warm welcome.

Contact Details

Gavin Leask – 0344 515 2237; gavin_leask@shelter.org.uk

Frances Snee – 0344 515 2552; frances_snee@shelter.org.uk

Lisa Glass will continue to be part of the team and as well as supporting the Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network and her work on case studies and the tools surrounding that she will be undertaking more research and analysis work in the coming months.

Lisa as ever can be reached on 0344 515 2469 or lisa_glass@shelter.org.uk

If you would like any more informaton about the new team and how we can help you with your own work please get in touch with me on 0344 515 2461 or kristen_hubert@shelter.org.uk


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