What #KM Term would you put in Room 101?


Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Henley Forum event on Advancing Knowledgeable Practice.

One of the great session put on was based on the Room 101 concept.  Our host for the session was Tim Andrews with the panel consisting of Chris Collison, Cora Newell and James Brown.






Over 3 sessions each one of the panelists would present their cases to move an item towards Room 101.  With the audience discussing each of them and voting for the topic that would go into the final.

Round 1

Chris chose Financial incentives for KM, Cora went for Knowledge is POWER! and James suggested Management speak.

Round 2

Cora suggested Burdensome KM systems. James added Technology to the pot and Chris finished with Lessons learned databases.

Round 3

James started with HR & the mechanistic mindset, Chris suggested Angry KM gurus and Cora opted for Senior management.

And the overall winner and the one to go into Room 101 was James's suggestion of..........

If you had to put something from the Knowledge Management World into Room 101 what would it be?

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