A bug that eats plastic won’t save the planet it will put it in peril

The pilot of jet2 fight from Manchester to Las Palmas  (Gran Canaria) makes a joke to the co pilot and then wipes his hands on his trousers. He takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes around the controls he has just been using for take off. “Are these new cleaners  over doing it with the Mr Sheen every thing I touch seems sticky.” Just then one of the cabin crew enters the cockpit to ask if the captain would like a coffee before they get busy serving the passengers. As she speaks she is wiping her hands on her apron .....

Scientists have by happy accident discovered an enzyme that will dissolve plastic and so provide a solution to the problem of disposing of plastic wast. Now all those plastic drink bottles and plastic bags that would and taken a hundred years to decompose can be recycled. Whilst the scientists congratulate them selves the rest of the population should have a very uneasy feeling about bugs developed in the laboratory and used in commercial waste disposal. What happens when by accident, human error or terrorist act  the bug escapes the secure wast disposal site. Maybe on the sole of the shoe of an over tired, under supervision, minimum wage worker doing back to back shifts. Transferred on to the inside of a car or the seat of a tube train where it eats the plastic that is everywhere and multiplies. Do these people never watch sci-fi.

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