You social butterflies you!

Hi All,

We may not be the biggest online community on the Knowledge Hub but it turns out we are one of the most socially active - according to a set of stats that dropped in my email from the site administrator last week.  14th out of 1476 active groups on the Knowledge Hub to be exact.  Below is the infographic they sent me with all the details of activity on the Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network site in 2014.  Now obviously stats are interesting but they don't mean much on their own.  These particular stats give me a warm fuzzy as they are a representation of what I see happening anyway - growing attendance at our best practice group and other events; informal partnership working between empty homes practitioners; and lots of learning from each other outside our formal events and structures.  I've seen the pool of 'empty homes experts' in Scotland grow exponentially and the growth rate is due in no small part to your willingness to share and help the newbies as they come on board. 

So these stats are a mirror of your helpfulness and willingness to get involved.  I've no doubt this will continue and increase as we move forward.  Thanks for using the network!

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Allyson Allison 5 Years Ago
Well I'm shocked - didn't think I'd be no 3 since I'm the quiet one!! :+)
Kristen Hubert 5 Years ago in reply to Allyson Allison .
All evidence to the contrary....
Former Member 5 Years ago in reply to Kristen Hubert .
haha Kristen (though I agree :)) If there was a prize for the number of emoticons used you'd definitely be number 1 Allyson!!