Local Democracy for Everyone - Get Your Postal Vote

WIth only three weeks to go to our Local Democracy for Everyone event in Huddersfield we're getting excited. We've had some wonderful support and are fortunate to have some brillaint people who are giving up their time to pitch some innovative and thought provoking workshops.  We have sold out but please put your name on our wait list.

Because LDBytes is democratic to the core we're keen to engage as many people and get the local democracy conversation going right now.  Even if you can't be with us on the 7th we want you to join the dialogue and help us to redeisgn local democracy.

We want you to submit your postal vote by answering this question - What's the one thing you'd change to make local democracy work better for all of us?  You can either respond to this post or post on Twitter using the tag #notwestminster.  We will feed your votes into the dicussions that will take place in our workshops in order to enrich the conversation.

If you want to get involved in our work follow us on Twitter - @LDBytes or join the LDBytes Club on Knowledge Hub

If you are interested in sponsoring the event please get in touch

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Liz Copeland 5 Years Ago
Hi Carl, Really pleased to hear the event is fully booked. Here's my 'postal' vote... I'd like to see online voting! (Sorry to be so predictable!) It would make voting much more accessible and easier for everyone to take part. Much as I'm a bit of an election geek and quite like the traditional voting booth, I would happily forego that in favour of being able to click a button from my laptop - or even my phone! If online voting could be linked with more information provided about individual candidates and parties too - that would be even better! Quick easy voting and access to information about the people we're voting for!
Stacy Cosham 5 Years Ago
Hi Carl. Sorry I couldn't get the go ahead to attend this time. Really pleased its fully booked. I think my postal vote is similar to Liz. I want more information on candidates that is accessible from home and I want accessible voting more akin to today's culture. By this I mean the ability to vote by phone like 'I'm a Celebrity' with a long and short number suitable for landline and mobile. I'm sceptical about online voting because there isn't a thorough enough system at the moment but I would hope that is in the future. If we want more young people participating in democracy we have to talk their language.
Dave Mckenna 5 Years Ago
I'd like to see local policy making by sortition - in other words picking people randomly from the electoral register and inviting them to the town hall to make a decision on a local policy - just like we do with juries. This would be as well having elected representatives - indeed, they would be more important than ever, ensuring the system wasn't being run by unelected officials - it would mean a new role for them tho. I've written about this before: http://localopolis.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/19-local-sortitions.html
Liz Copeland 5 Years Ago
Just spotted this article on online voting today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-30976610 The suggestion is that for the general election of 2020 we may have online voting.
Liz Copeland 5 Years Ago
Also spotted this today, a report that recommends how parliament can use digital tech better: http://www.parliament.uk/business/commons/the-speaker/speakers-commission-on-digital-democracy/ddc-news/digital-democracy-commission-report-publication/ Thought it might be of interest.