Happy Holidays Everyone!

I know some of you are finishing off for the holidays today so I thought I’d get my festive wishes in before everyone disappears (I’m in the office until close of play Tuesday in case anyone’s bored and wants to phone me up to talk empty homes)….

2014 has been a full year with a lot of new faces joining the illustrious ranks of the Scottish Empty Homes Officer Network.  This year you brought 100s of empty homes back into use as a result of your efforts.  I can’t give you the total for the calendar year I’m afraid - if it’s not linked to a financial year we don’t know how to count it round here.  But we know it’s well north of 400 (you’ve told us you’ve brought over 370 back into use since April so far and we’ve extrapolated from there...).   That’s a massive achievement so well done to you all!

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the network in the last year by attending an event, or training session, or by posting a case study or answering someone’s question on the hub.  Your contributions are making everyone in Scotland’s empty homes community more successful because you are learning from each other and that is why the numbers of homes back in use keeps rising. 

I’m sure you’ll exceed yourselves again next year.  In the meantime I hope you are all taking your well-earned breaks, recharging the batteries and relaxing with a minced pie or two. 

A bit of a holiday challenge for those of you left in the office:  Today was #SlippersforShelter Day and of course Lisa and I didn’t need to be asked twice….so which slippers in this photo are mine and which are Lisa’s?  If you get 2/2 you’ll be awarded with an *exciting prize.

* prizes include a choice of – as many 2012 & 2013 empty homes conference bags as you can carry and/or a Shelter squeezy stress house – you decide!


Happy Holidays!


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Former Member 5 Years Ago
can I guess?!
Kristen Hubert 5 Years ago in reply to Former Member .
No. That would be what we call 'cheating'.
Kathryn Kelly 5 Years Ago
I guess Kristens are the creamy ones and Lisa's the red ones beside ( 3rd and 4th from right)
Kristen Hubert 5 Years ago in reply to Kathryn Kelly .
That's 1/2 Kathryn - but which one?. Feel free to guess again...
Former Member 5 Years ago in reply to Kristen Hubert .
A hint: I really like Christmas
Kathryn Kelly 5 Years Ago
Ok Kristens the red ones I mentioned before and Lisa the Snowman ones
Kristen Hubert 5 Years ago in reply to Kathryn Kelly .
1/2 again - so close!
Joanne Saurin 5 Years ago in reply to Kristen Hubert .
Kristen the creamy ones and Lisa the snowman ones!? Merry Christmas!
Kristen Hubert 5 Years ago in reply to Joanne Saurin .
We have a winner! Well done Joanne....pick your poison and we'll bring your prize to the next best practice group:)
Former Member 5 Years ago in reply to Kristen Hubert .
aww poor Kathryn! half the work and no reward!